How to Do an Auto Insurance Claim After an Accident

So, we have already discussed why do you need an auto insurance claim and how to slack some budget on this. Today, we will discuss more auto insurance. We will explore how to take the benefits of the auto insurance policy after an unfortunate accident takes place. But let’s pray that you don’t face any such unprecedented issue!

Anyway, without wasting time, let’s quickly check how you can file for an auto insurance claim.

Important Steps You Can Follow

Call the insurance company right after the accident takes place and let them know about the damage

Inform the nearby police station about the accident and lodge an FIR

Record the minute details of the car, the witnesses of the accident and the driver in your FIR

Make a claim to the auto insurance company and ask them to send an employee to evaluate your loss

You can choose to submit this auto insurance claim online, but of course, if the insurer gives you that facility. Otherwise, you will have to manually go to the office of the insurance company and intimate the entire condition.

We recommend you not to delay at this step. However, if you are physically injured due to the accident, of course, you should rush to the hospital first. In that case, you can inform your relative or friends to contact the auto insurance company on your behalf and inform them about the situation.

The documents require while claiming benefits

The auto insurance company will send a surveyor to manually check the loss of the car but that is not the end to it. Though they already have the papers that you submitted while taking a policy from the company, they can ask you to provide the documents once again so as to accept and validate the claim. This is why we suggest you keep a photocopy of the documents that you have submitted to the auto insurance company while taking the policy for the very first time. Also, keep the papers of the car at a safe yet easily reachable place so that anyone can access it during such an emergency.

Apart from the documents, you will have to fill up an insurance claim form and submit it to the insurer. Here, mention the entire loss that you have faced due to the accident. Is it only the car that got damaged? Has any person, be it driver or the co-passenger, got injured? Has anyone faced any death due to the accident? Intimate the insurance company all the details so that they can arrange the financial support based on the severity of the condition.

Also, you need to mention the reason for the accident. Is it due to a man-made reason like strike, riot, or terrorist activity, or due to natural calamities like storm, hurricane, flood, typhoon, or something like that? The auto insurance provides adequate coverage for all sort of accident but they need to be intimated about the reason. The amount of money or financial assistance may vary according to the severity of the damage caused by the accident.

Here are a few documents that you need to submit to the insurer while claiming the insurance policy:

· Copy of the insurance policy

· FIR report filed to the police

· Filled up and duly signed claim form

· Copy of driving license

· Copy of the registration certificate of the vehicle

· A detailed estimate of the repairing required for accident

· Medical receipts if anyone is physically injured

· Death report if anyone has died due to the accident

· Original records of all the expenses you need to cover through the insurance

Keep a note of these and file an insurance claim.

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